Why Do You Hate Tennis?

I hate tennis, hate it with all my heart, and still I keep playing.

Andre Agassi said this.  Andre Agassi.  Eight-time winner of a major, one of only 7 men in modern tennis history to complete a career Grand Slam, Olympic Gold medalist, former world number one and 2011 inductee into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.  In short, one of the best tennis players ever.  

If he hates tennis, and still experienced so much success playing it, then maybe there's hope for me.


Because I'm craaaaazy about this sport.

About the Player

Photo: Stephen Nessen

Amy Eddings is a USTA-rated 3.0 player who lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, with her husband Mark and their cat.  One of her goals in life is to take away Mark's ability to hit a drop shot return winner against her serve.  Amy plays all over New York City, but her cries of frustration are most often heard on the courts at the Prospect Park Tennis Center in Brooklyn.

She can also be heard -- talking, not crying -- on WNYC Radio, the nation's largest public radio station, where she's the host of NPR's "All Things Considered."  She's written about the US Open and the city's tennis scene, including the arcane paper-based court reservation system in Central Park.  As a reporter, Amy covered environmental issues and the city's sanitation department and recycling program, earning her the moniker "Garbage Queen" from her colleagues.

She is 0-4 in WNYC's annual Thanksgiving Pie Throw-Down, and is thinking about starting a separate blog about that, called "I Hate Pie."

Photo: Stephen Nessen