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Finding Roger Federer Meltdown footage on YouTube is like finding a seat on the Number 4 Lexington Avenue subway at 9:30 in the morning. [Non-New Yorkers, take note: it's rare.] The Greatest of All Time usually deals with blown shots by dragging his middle finger across his forehead and tucking his hair behind his ear. Not this time. This was a semi-final match with Novak Djokovic at the 2009 Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida. Djokovic just broke Fed in the third and deciding set and was up 15-0 when the Greatest of All Time took his eyes off a routine approach shot that could have evened the score. Federer went through lots of racquets when he was playing the junior circuit; wonder if he felt a little wave of nostalgia upon banging this one hard into the court.

On the Sideline

Evidence of Tennis Hate #35

 Why is no one playing? It's MALIBU. People don't work for a living.An empty tennis court is a thing of beauty for New York City players, who have to resort to curious rituals and chicanery to secure even an hour's worth g of beautyof playing time on the city's cheap but unplentiful public courts.  But in Malibu, California, home of the #10-ranked Pepperdine University men's tennis team, an empty tennis court is cause for tears.  Especially one as beautiful as this one, set inside a jungle of bouganvillia and strelizia.  

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One factor that compounds on the scheduling issue in NYC is the weather. Does anyone there really play when it's snowing outside? If so, they're officially more hardcore than I will ever be in my entire life (in a Thomas Muster kind of way). ;)
Meanwhile I'll be enjoying myself here in Phoenix - good tennis all year.

April 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlexis

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