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Players know Serena Williams will kick their ass if they try to get in the way between her and a Grand Slam trophy.  Little did Eva Asderaki know this includes umpires.  Asderaki got her butt verbally kicked after she penalized Williams a point against Samantha Stosur in the 2010 US Open championship.  Williams, down a set, had screamed, "C'mon!" while blasting a forehand to break Stosur in the first game of the second set.  Asderaki ruled it a hinderance.

Nothing hindered Serena during the changeover.

Watching this, I know why Serena became a certified nail technician.  It makes your hands so much prettier when you're making those "talk to the hand" moves.


On the Sideline

Entries in I Hate Tennis cake contest (9)


The I Hate Tennis US Open Cake Contest

This, too, can be yours. I love (and hate) cake almost as much as I love (and hate) tennis.  Frosting!  Ooh.  Calories! Ugh.  You get the picture.

Indulge in both passions by entering the I Hate Tennis US Open 2012 Cake Contest!

Fill out your bracket for the men here, and for the women here.  To get to the bracket form, click on the "Submit Your Picks Now! arrow under the banner, SUBMISSION WINDOW OPEN.

It's easier, and faster, to work your way backward from the finals to the first round matches.  The computer fills in the brackets automatically that way.  It takes a little while to figure out the Tourneytopia bracket program, but here's some motivation for you.

Cake.  Caaaake.  CakeCakeCakeCakeCake.  Red Velvet. Chocolate with dark chocolate frosting.  Yellow cake with caramel frosting.  Coca Cola cake.  Whatever.  I'll make it for you and present it in your own awards ceremony.  You can even lift it over your head, like the pros do, and take a bite out of it (a real one) like Rafael Nadal does.

Just do it.  And I don't mean put on your Nikes and go for a run.  Plunk yourself in front of your computer and enter a competition to win a CAKE.


My prediction: Andy Murray, filled with confidence in his new, aggressive game from his Olympic gold medal victory over Roger Federer, wins his first major at the US Open.  He beats Novak Djokovic in the final.  Check out my path to a Murray/Djoko final here.

For the women, I have Petra Kvitova beating Serena Williams in a tough 3-setter.  I'm rooting for a Kvitova/Victoria Azarenka and Williams/Angelique Kerber semifinals.  Check out the rest of my picks here.

Most important, I want to see YOUR picks and bake a cake for you!  So, c'mon, enter.  Give me something to blog about.  

Picks are due before 11:00 AM Monday, August 27th, when the first round starts at Flushing Meadows.  Enjoy the US Open.


French Open Cake Contest Winner Chooses Chocolate

French Open men's bracket winner Surinder Singh, triumphant with his chocolate cake.Worthy Opponent and I Hate Tennis' French Open Men's Bracket Cake Contest winner Surinder Singh played a high-percentage move in his cake selection, and went with chcolate.

You can't lose with a chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate ganache frosting.  I put a little chipotle chili powder in the frosting for oomph.

Maybe if I sprinkle some on my tennis racquet....?

Singh reported that the cake was "amazing."  

"I am a chocolate addict and could have had a big slice of that cake every day!" he said.

Haters, my plan is to get Surinder in such a sugar haze that he won't be able to concentrate, and will start missing those lasers down the line that he routinely blows past me at net.

Now, how can I get the cake into my tennis bag?  See more photos in my gallery.



Wimbledon 2012: I Hate Tennis Cake Contest Now Open!

Novak Djokovic, winning Wimby last year. Courtesy AELTC.Haters, dust off those crystal balls.  Wimbledon begins on Monday, and it's time to enter the I Hate Tennis Wimbledon 2012 Cake Contest!

Fill out your brackets for the women's draw here, and the men's draw here. Do it multiple times.  I'm going to fill out one with a highly likely scenario (e.g., a Djokovic-Nadal final) and a wildly unlikely scenario (e.g, Rafael Nadal doesn't make it to the quarterfinals, or something else that's the tennis equivalent of the sun not rising).  

Here's one long-shot: Andy Murray, Wimbledon finalist.  Have you seen his draw?  BBC Sport detailed his possible path to the championship match, and it's filled with upset possibilities, starting with the first round against former world number 3 Nikolay Davydenko. After that, Murray could face Richard Gasquet, David Ferrer and Nadal.

Maria Sharapova has an easy go of it until the quarters, when she could find herself in a rematch of last year's semifinal against Sabine Lisicki.  Sharapova won that, 6-4, 6-3, but it took her three sets to get the best of Lisicki in the Australian Open's Round of 16 last January. Who dares to pick Lisicki to beat Sharapova?

Other fun things to think about:

  • How far will Andy Roddick get before he tanks?  He's likely out against David Ferrer in the 3rd round, but who's willing to say he will blow up before then? 
  • What about Venus Williams?  She's 32 and has an auto-immune disease.  But she's reached the finals 8 times in the last 11 years, winning the championship five times. 
  • And Serena? She's won 4 times, most recently in 2010.  She's writer Stephen Tignor's pick.
  • Sara Errani was a dark horse in the French Open, in which she was the runner-up.  Who are the dark horses here?  How about Angelique Kerber, who's coming on strong, making her top 20 debut in February and her top 10 debut in May? Or, on the men's side, big server Milos Raonic?  In his first appearance at Wimbledon last year, he retired in the second round against Gilles Muller because of a right hip injury.  He's all better now.....
  • John Isner, Nicholas Mahut, 2nd round.  I think the psychological weight of their historic, record-breaking 2010 match will weigh more heavily on John, who finally eked out the win.  Down goes Isner.


    Such tempting scenarios.  But even more tempting is the strawberries-and-cream CAKE I'll bake you if you win either the women's or men's brackets.  Fill out your forms! And meet me back here regularly for updates.


Cake Contest Winner Collects, WNYC Newsroom Looks on in Wonder

Caitlin Thompson, left, and me, with the grimacing I Hate Tennis French Open Cake. Photo: Charlie HermanCaitlin Thompson, the winner of the inaugural I Hate Tennis French Open Cake Contest in the women's draw, got what's coming to her: a cake, baked by me!

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French Open Men's Semis Tomorrow, but I Hate Tennis Cake Winner Declared Tonight

Get yer cake, and beefcake, here: Rafael Nadal, favored to take it all (off?) in French Open. Copyright FFT.

When I wasn't looking, Worthy Opponent Surinder Singh took the I Hate Tennis French Open Cake Contest in the men's bracket.

The Tourneytopia brackets offered online by Tennis Channel are so difficult to navigate, I never found the one for the menfolk that I had set up.  What you can't find, you can't follow. Women's draw cake champ Caitlin Thompson spotted it, and forwarded the link.

It offered redemption for Worthy Opponent Surinder Singh, my frequent doubles buddy, who did poorly in the women's bracket.

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